Frontiers of Clean Energy

The conference will cover areas like Energy efficiency strategies as well as the on-going and planned power and water projects .Improving energy efficiency.Optimising the use of electricity and water resources and enhancing energy efficiency.

Solar Energy

Solar heating
Solar architecture
Solar thermal energy
Molten salt power plants

Wind Energy

Wind farms
Turbine design
Small scale wind power
Wind power capacity and production

Thermal Energy

Green thermal energy
Latent thermal energy
Thermal energy storage

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power plant
Life cycle of nuclear fuel
Nuclear profileration and climate change
Nuclear waste disposal

Meet the expert advisors and Session Keynote Speakers

Anita Nouri

Partner and CEO/Business Development Director of Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC, Dubai

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Mr. Miguel Matias

CEO & Founder - Energy & Environment, London, United Kingdom

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Mr. Adil Alomair

Head of Business Development & Renewable Energy Sector, UAE

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Panel discussion on business implications of renewable, energy supply, and climate change

Following the adoption of the Paris Agreement by a brief summary of project types, criteria and standards used to determine the quality of carbon offsets. Engaging the various actors in the ecosystem across a broad array of clean energy verticals ranging from solar, electric vehicles, waste to energy, and smart infrastructure, desalination, wind energy, thermal energy and nuclear energy.

Check our conference schedule

  • 09 April, 2018 (Day #1)
  • 10 April, 2018 (Day #2)

Meet our speakers

Mr. Musaab Abdelrahman
Mr. Musaab Abdelrahman

Project Manager, GE Grid Solutions, Dubai, UAE

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Time until the event

April 09, 2018 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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